Tanya Obreza

Horoscope - Aquarius

by Tanya Obreza

With the Sun in Aquarius, yours is an active mind fired with idea of adventure and leading others. Optimistic and enterprising, you generally take people as they are, and expect the same courtesy in return. Intrigued by idiosyncrasies that distinguish one individual from the other, you love being surrounded by people - with friends and acquaintances coming from all walks of life. However you also guard your identity fiercely, and a conflicting theme in your life is the need to fit in and the need to feel individual and independent. When confronted with rules or dogmatic principles to which you don't subscribe, you can rebel. It's not that you mind being asked to do something - but you certainly resent being told to do it. No amount of cajoling will convince you to become involved in activities that you believe will threaten your identity - you'll very rarely be badgered into something against your will. Big changes in life are accepted as a challenge, but small changes that throw off your plans are not tolerated very well.

At times, too, others are left puzzled by the contradictions in your nature - which can swing from being friendly and outgoing to stubborn and domineering. It's true that in any detached argument, you can usually see both sides of the question. However, in matters that you feel strongly about, you may not be so objective. Aquarius is a fixed sign - which means that once your mind's made up - it's very difficult, if not impossible, for others to change it. Those with the Sun in Aquarius are fascinated by the unusual, and bored by the ordinary. You pride yourself on being one of a kind. Many with this placing are idealists who champion the highest principles to which humanity can aspire. You believe in equal opportunity and will often champion those less fortunate - sometimes at the expense of more personal relationships. You can become so busy helping others that you inadvertently neglect your own partner's or family's needs. In any case, a partner who's too emotionally demanding would completely turn you off. They need to respect your tremendous need for independence; and should be independent in their own right. And if your life partner can be your best friend, as well as your lover - and share your ceaseless curiosity and sense of fun - they'll win your heart forever.

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