Tanya Obreza

Horoscope - Aries

by Tanya Obreza

Those with the Sun in Aries are rarely found taking a back seat to life. Active, fiery Mars rules Aries. It's not surprising, then, that this sign produces individuals who are high-spirited, energetic and ready to try anything at least once. Very little daunts you. If you're likely to have a general fear, it's not being able to do whatever, whenever. Aries is action for its own sake - so when you feel a burst of energy coming on, you should find a challenge or an ambitious project to pursue. When you feel exhausted, though - you should relax. Burn-out is a common Aries affliction. Still, it's usually the energetic Ram who's willing to start projects others would be afraid to tackle. Indeed, if cut off from physical activity for too long, you can become depressed. Another problem: although you're great at starting new projects, you can fail to see them through to the end when they become boring, or demand too much detailed attention. And despite a general compassion and friendliness, if sufficiently motivated or riled - you're not afraid to express your opinions - often letting others know exactly where they stand. Most Ariens can also have a short supply of patience, often because you need to glory in immediate gratification and simply can't understand why certain things need time and attention lavished on them. A favourite motto: life's too short to waste.

Your outgoing personality virtually assures that there are always people around to keep you company (but only when you want them to be). In matters of health, you don't always take the time to take good care of yourself. For one thing, impatience to get a job done or a simple lack of paying attention can lead to accidents, burns, bruises and cuts. Your sign's also well known for being a bit of fast-food junkie - skipping meals or skimping on breakfast. Potential prognosis: headaches, high or low blood pressure, fevers or exhaustion. An excellent outlet for any pent-up energy or anger would be physical sports, which would allow you to not only demonstrate your natural leadership skills, but would also serve as a good way to let off steam. And even though yours is the astrological sign of the warrior - in your haste, you can occasionally forget the practicality of being adequately armed before rushing headlong into combat.

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