Tanya Obreza

Horoscope - Cancer

by Tanya Obreza

Most with the Sun in Cancer love their home and sometimes it can sometimes be different to separate yourself from familiar surroundings. Your family is a very strong part of you. Cancer is ruled by the crab, that crustacean creature that carries its home on its back and keeps it every ready to retreat into, should a threatening or unpleasant situation come up...and until you feel completely safe, very little can coax you out again. Another crab-like traits is a love of privacy. You probably also loathe to throw anything away, and may end up an avid collector of anything and everything. Sometimes, too, it can be equally difficult for you to give up on the past, or failed relationships. A lesson that you may have to learn in this life is the difference between being caring and being possessive. Another touchy area: when criticised, even constructively - you may take offence when none was intended. Those with the Sun in Cancer may also have a general fear of not having enough material security.

Nonetheless, you can be extremely generous. Indeed, many with this placing succeed in life because of their genuine concern for the welfare of others - which inspires loyalty and respect. Those with this Sun sign also make natural parents. Children will be special to you because your own inner child is usually close to the surface. If you have no children, a need to nurture others will need to be expressed in some other area of your life. Your fine intuition can also be an asset in both your personal and professional life. And as you're ruled by the Moon, it's worth keeping in touch with the its different phases. The New Moon will be a period of new beginnings, an auspicious time for initiating projects. The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration. It may be worth remembering, too, that either of these times can be quite emotional for you.

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