Tanya Obreza

Horoscope - Capricorn

by Tanya Obreza

Capricorns are doers - you're the Authority Figure of the zodiac. The mountain goat is an appropriate astrological symbol for your sign since a sure-footed, methodical climb to the top is the main goal of many Capricorn individuals. You aspire to having total authority, and admire others who attain such positions. Initiative and willingness to accept responsibilities are the main keys to your success. Once a course of action has been decided on, you'll be able to work hard for years, enduring any necessary set-backs to achieve aims. Indeed, through the energy of Saturn, your planetary ruler, you should learn to develop unrivalled discipline and focus, creating a solid foundation to support your dreams. When you want something badly enough, you'll rarely take no for an answer.

Over the years, you'll also need to see some sort of material or tangible results from your efforts. Capricorn is the sign that rules business, though it's not just riches, power or success that you crave. Sure, you want recognition for your accomplishments, but there's also a need to be recognised as someone who's fulfilled their full potential. Moving forward is therefore important to you - whether you're making your way up the career ladder or looking for ways to achieve personal mastery over something that's of great importance to you. But there is a more sensitive side of character which isn't always obvious to others - mostly because you tend to hide deeper emotions beneath an apparently detached manner. After all, isn't keeping "a safe distance" an excellent form of protection?

Capricorns often look older when they are young. However, in later years, the reverse is likely to happen. Many with this placing seem to defy the ageing process, and retain a remarkably youthful appearance well into older years. Those with the Sun in Capricorn are often seen as late bloomers and seem to come into their own in maturity. In your mind, you don't get older - just better. A Capricorn Sun also suggests that you're often likely to have the welfare of the community at heart, whether it's the family, neighbourhood or beyond. You take pride in being able to provide for, direct, and protect others. It can be your life's work.

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