Tanya Obreza

Horoscope - Gemini

by Tanya Obreza

"Active" is probably the word that best describes you. There are exceptions, of course, but it's rare to meet someone with the Sun in Gemini who's quiet, placid and passive. You tap, fidget and are always on the go, with a natural ability to do two or more things at once. You're also lively, intelligent and constantly in search of activity. Those that don't really understand you sometimes call you hyperactive and flighty. They may even accuse you of being two-faced and superficial. And what's all this nonsense about having a "split personality"?! What this criticism really means is that others just can't figure you out. You're faster and more versatile than most, and others occasionally resent this. Indeed, being a natural teacher, communicator, persuader and developer of ideas - the world would be a very drear place without you around to stimulate and challenge the rest of us. Geminis are in constant mental motion - and more often than not, you're best suited for a career in the field of communications. You love to receive letters, phone calls, emails; whatever - as long as you have some kind of communication with others. And, yes, it could be true that you're the only sign of the zodiac who actually enjoys receiving junk mail! The really wonderful news: your eagerness and enthusiasm contribute to an appearance of youthfulness (both physical and psychological) that many Geminis manage to retain throughout life.

Ruled by Mercury, you're forever experiencing life. The quest of nearly every Gemini is to gain every piece of information available and then synthesise it. Like the butterfly who lands briefly on each flower in the garden, you like to taste a bit of all the different things that life has to offer. There's a continual need to learn and your immense curiosity covers the whole spectrum of life. Always thinking, analysing, comparing and coming up with new ideas....you love to pick things apart, trying to see what makes them tick - and improving them for the better. The belief in reincarnation fits nicely into most Gemini minds, because it is through the wearing of many masks and many bodies that the soul comes finally to know its full potential. Geminis readily adapt to change. Your natural intelligence helps you make the most of any situation, and you enjoy the challenge of the new far better than the routine of the familiar. Socially, you're flexible and can take all kinds of lifestyles in your stride.

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