Tanya Obreza

Horoscope - Libra

by Tanya Obreza

People are really important to you. Indeed, those born under this Sun sign are often considered the "relationships specialists", but Libra is not merely the sign of partnership, it is the sign of others in general - the balance between the individual and society. Like your Sun sign's symbol, the scales, you generally try to weigh things one against the other to reach a balanced, equal level (though you're more likely to be objective when not personally involved).

You were born with a need to find symmetry in all areas of your life. Even if something is just a little bit "out of sorts", it can leave you feeling "unbalanced" or frustrated. Even though you can be impartial and objective when dealing with the affairs of others, when you're directly involved the scales can become unbalanced and you can show a surprising lack of objectivity. And if sufficiently hassled or taken for granted, the dark face of Aphrodite surfaces and you become uncharacteristically aggressive. This change of attitude can catch others off guard. Usually, the reason it happens is, again, your need for balance. You invariably give back in kind what you've been given - good or bad.

Another problem can be over commitment. You don't like to turn things down, and therefore tend to make promises which you can't possibly keep. Sometimes, too, you'll actually have no intention of keeping the promise - but you're still likely to say yes, only to phone later and cancel. This isn't done out of malice. It's just that the Libran part of your nature can find it really hard to say "no" to others, face to face. What's more, your stamina tends to run in cycles. You work hard, play hard, and then collapse in exhaustion until nature restores the balance and your energy returns. Being trapped in an unpleasant environment can also be detrimental to your well being. Of course, there's also a very sociable side to your character. Anyone with the Sun in Libra can't help but be naturally friendly and hold their own in any social circle. Librans adore having fun. Sophistication, glamour, excitement attract you like a magnet...as do the finer things of life. There's little doubt that you, more than any other sign, appreciates life, love and beauty.

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