Tanya Obreza

Horoscope - Sagittarius

by Tanya Obreza

Combine the creativity of the Sun with your outgoing ruler, Jupiter - and you get an optimistic risk-taker, who tends to be a bit too idealistic at times. It's your eagerness to experience life to the full that will generally keep you on the go. There's always a need to explore and to find out what's just over the horizon. Life is a great adventure, and it's the future and future possibilities that will draw you on. Usually, you try to make the most out of any situation - especially when encouraged by support and appreciation. Your dream is to aim for a destination, and follow your course unhampered by restrictions. This can be expressed through travel, or on a more mental level through the exploration of ideas and philosophical systems - but more likely, it'll be a combination of both. You can, however, become easily bored and restless when surrounded by people or circumstances in which you have no interest. That's when you find ingenious ways to simply disappear - in body, mind or spirit.

What's more, those with the Sun Sagittarius readily adapt to change. As a rule, you don't hesitate to give your honest opinions and can occasionally be prone to occasional bouts of exaggeration or irresponsible behaviour. Quite frankly, many Sagittarians are experts at overdoing - almost everything. If one is good, then two must be better. But why stop there? Why not three, four...or even ten? Just take care that you don't fall into the grass-is-greener trap. And despite being one of the more optimistic signs of the zodiac, when when hurt or upset you can plunge into deep, chasmic depression and can linger there for quite a while. Structured discipline or excessive routine also holds little charm. You'd rather learn through your own experience. Perhaps, though, the most remarkable thing about you is your faith. Your unshakeable belief in your dreams may bring out the sceptic in others over the years, but so often you'll prove your critics wrong and attain what others thought was impossible. Still, while it's true that you generally tend to have an optimistic, adventurous streak to your personality that others find attractive, try not to force your philosophical or religious ideas onto others. Wise Sagittarians learn that they can only set the example for others to follow and that each individual must learn their own personal lessons.

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