Tanya Obreza

Horoscope - Taurus

by Tanya Obreza

With your in Taurus here, this can't help but be a strong, determined chart. Traditional interpretations say that people of your sign are slow to make decisions, pragmatic and opinionated. And although all of these qualities are generally part of the Taurean nature, there's much more to you than immediately meets the eye. Still, there's no escaping your concern with security, especially in the material sense. But you certainly not afraid to work hard to achieve the financial stability you crave.

Most Taureans can be slow to anger, but when sufficiently roused, you can display an astounding ferocity. Anger can be sparked by feelings of jealousy or possessiveness. Broken promises or personal betrayal are also rarely tolerated - with your reaction to such personal affronts likely to be bitter. Indeed, those who inflict such abuse are rarely given another chance. Just take care not to behave in a manner totally against your own best interests. A Taurus Sun can also be indicative of those who are obstinate and impervious to decisions not of their own making. Others may find this rather headstrong and stubborn streak annoying. Nevertheless, it's this same tenacity which gives most Taureans the ability to pursue goals long after everyone else has given up. Just make sure that you don't beat your head against a brick wall just for the sake of it.

Venus, planet of beauty and pleasure, rules Taurus, which means that by nature, you're sensuous, and truly appreciate the comforts of life. Basically, you delight in life's pleasures. Touch, taste, sight and sound - you were born to enjoy, and produce, the very best physical experience possible for each sense. And not only do you love beauty - again, you'll generally want to own it as well. Money can become a passion. With regard to maintaining good health, sports that require strength and endurance are likely to appeal. Ditto for gardening or most outdoor activities. There could also be a love of music and art, and you may show considerable talent in these areas. As Taurus rules the neck, throat, shoulders, and upper torso - stiff necks, sore throats, earaches or overindulgence can be common health complaints.

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