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Character Profile Testimonials

"Thank you for doing my birthchart profile. It was amazingly accurate and also helped me to identify critical areas in my life". Ms TW, WA

"If I didn't know any better I would have said that you've known me for years. My personal birthchart had me laughing and almost crying at times". CG, NSW

"Thank you so much for my mirror. It's a true reflection of my character". JG, NSW

"I loved my profile so much, I'm getting one done for my best friends birthday". KM, Old

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Yearly Transit Report Testimonials

"Thank you for my transits. They have been spot on so far !" D.R. NSW. Australia

"I wrote 12 months ago. Since then I was so amazed just how accurate my son's transits have been as well as his character analysis being spot on". RB, NSW

"Thank you for my children's Yearly Transits Reports. We were all very fascinated and found the work very impressive". Mrs. ER, NSW

"I received from you a Personal Character Analysis and also a 5 monthly Transit Forecast for myself and found it to be extremely accurate. I'm so impressed that I want to order a Character Analysis for my friend's new born baby". ETW, WA, Australia

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Relationship Profile Testimonials

"Many thanks for my analysis. Talk about a sharp, cold shower - it was amazingly accurate". Mrs. EN Devon, England

"I would like to take this opportunity to say that I think you are the most accurate Astrologer I have ever come across. I read your column in the West Australian every week". SLC, WA, Australia

"Thanks for G...'s chart. It was very enlightening and I can understand where he's coming from now. Spot on!" CT, WA

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